History of Malaysian real organic produce

The Cameron Organic Produce is the brainchild of 5 visionary individuals namely Wong Foo Choon, Chong Siak Choy, Chay Yee Yong, Ng Kok Weng and Lee One Sing who took the road less travelled when they came up with the idea of an organic farm produce. This is because of all places, they decided to go organic in Cameron Highlands which is very much renowned for its natural farms produce due to its perfect and cooling weather.

The five began their venture anyhow with the firm belief that the future is bright for people who do not like to have pesticides and chemicals in their food. It is a constant challenge for Cameron Organic Produce to continue operations because it is a new venture and it takes time to establish and to get the reception from the customers. Ng who nearly became a school teacher and the other four started their work on a 10 acres of farm acreage and began their plan. They now produce about 20 types of produce while they have started to plan for another organic vegetable farm in Sungkai in Perak.

Main supplier of organic vegetables in Malaysia

Since then, they have been actively promoting organic produce where they supply to more than 150 families in nearby cities and towns as well as donating to charities. The five have also been ‘educating’ the people by holding dialogues and discussions with farmers. The five will meet every 10 days to touch base and keep tap with new findings, advancements and updates on their vegetation.