Tuesday 30 Aug 2016

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Cameron Organic Steamboat

The first organic steamboat restaurant in Malaysia, the Cameron Organic Steamboat is revolutionary as well as unique because we are highly recommended from our customers who always come back for more. Being only the few who offer organic steamboat, we provide the highest organic vegetables in our food servings.

In fact, we offer the freshest vegetables and our organic food are certified for authenticity and quality. Our restaurant has been featured on Astro in the programme "Taste with Jason" which received overwhelming response. We are renowned for our fresh food that comes direct from our farms.

Our vegetable is fresh and certified organic

Our steamboat restaurant has been operating since 1999 and its food are fresh, nutritious and organic. What better ways to enjoy a meal of steamboat in the cool weathers of Cameron Highlands. Come in and enjoy our wide variety of vegetables, seafood and many others with our highly recommended vegetarian soup. Our operating hours are from 12.00pm to 10.00pm. Do make reservations early if you are here for dinner as it is very packed in the evenings.


Organic Farm Visit

We believe that by knowing how organic farming is done, you will be convinced that organic food is surely a good option in the future and then the world will be a safer, cleaner and healthier place to live in. And this is where we are certain of our efforts and we will be more than happy to give our customers a real life education on organic farming. Read More